Top 10 Helpful Tips for New Drivers

It is a bit overwhelming for new drivers to remember all the traffic rules and regulations. Not to mention all that they learned in their driving lessons while on the road. The stress of driving, coupled with the lack of experience and confidence in one’s driving skills often leads to accidents. Therefore, below are some tips that all new drivers should know and remember while on the road.

driving tips for new drivers

1.   Remember and obey the traffic rules

Traffic rules are created for the safety of everyone on the road, including yourself. Not following the speed limit and speeding, especially at intersections, can lead to fatal accidents.


2.   Always wear your seat belt

Not wearing a seatbelt might not only land you a fine, but it will also prove to be a risk to your life in case of an accident. The seat belt protects you from plunging forward into the windshield, thereby protecting yourself from getting hurt. Thus, it is necessary that you always remember to wear your seat belt while driving.


3.   New drivers should avoid distractions

Do not eat, text, make calls, dance to the radio, drive around with your pet, or talk to others in the car. Don’t be afraid to tell your passengers that they’re distracting you. Distractions are the number one reason that cause accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of driver inattention as contributing factors.


4.   Adjust your seat and heat rest

Adjust the height and back of your chair to ensure that you are comfortable and can easily drive so you can without delay apply the brakes in case of an emergency. Also, the headrest needs to be adjusted to be right behind your head, not your neck, so you do not get a whiplash in the case of an accident.


5.   Adjust all of your car’s mirrors

Your side mirrors and rear view mirrors all need to be adjusted properly before you start driving. The mirrors are there to help you keep an eye on the hard to see areas of the road so you can protect the sides and back of your car.


6.   Never tailgate

Do not tailgate another car even if you have full control over your car and have been driving for years. New drivers especially should never risk tailgating under any circumstances. Following too closely can often enough result in your bumping into the other car if the car in front stops suddenly or slows down at a turn.


7.   Prepare for emergencies

Always be prepared for emergencies and accidents. Know what to do and who to call in case of an emergency and keep a safety kit inside the car. Also, get the air bags of your car tested out and fixed if necessary, so they can protect you at the time of a crash.


8.   Check the weather forecast

Always check the weather forecast before hitting the road. Driving in the rain or in the winters when the roads are slippery is dangerous, not only for inexperienced drivers, but for everyone. However, it is harder for new drivers to know what to do in case the car starts to skid or to trust their instincts in low visibility.


9.   Go for regular car maintenance

Take your car for maintenance every month to get the brakes oiled, tires replaced, and any other issues fixed.


10.   Never drive under the influence

Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. You should even avoid driving if you have taken medication that causes drowsiness. Driving under the influence can land you a hefty fine, potentially cost you your licence, or even endanger your life.


If you want to learn helpful driving tips or want to bust some myths about buying a new car, then stay tuned.