5 Family Outings to Take in Your Honda

5 Family Outings to Take in Your Honda

Your new Honda is built for driving and adventure. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle this season, here are five family outings to take in your Honda.

Feed the Animals at Parc Omega

A must-see attraction only one hour from the city is the popular Parc Omega. Here you can see and feed all of Canada’s most popular animals right from your vehicle. Buy some carrots or bring your own and get up-close and personal with the onsite deer, goats and other animals. Then roll up the windows and drive through the park to see some of Canada’s wildest animals including bison, wolves and bears. Every new Honda has child and window lock features to ensure your kids don’t try to get out of the car to get too close to the animals! 

Go Camping 

Pack your Honda to the brim and head out to Breezy Hill or Sleepy Cedars for a wonderful weekend of camping in the woods. Each Honda has enough trunk space to fit all your camping gear, even that giant-sized cooler. The back seats also fold down to be used as a makeshift bed in case you get scared of the raccoons or other sounds during the night. 

Enjoy Boating Around the Islands

If you’re ready to hit the water, head to the 1000 Island region just south of Ottawa. Here you can launch your boat or kayak/canoe into the water and enjoy an afternoon of exploring all the hidden islands on the St. Lawrence River. Best of all, your Honda sedan, SUV or truck has enough horsepower to easily tow your boat and plenty of roof space to carry all your favourite water toys, including your canoe.

Explore the Bustling Montreal Area

If you’re craving a weekend getaway in the big city, your Honda is ready to get you there safe and sound. With all the latest safety tech, you won’t have to stress out when driving through the busy streets or parallel parking into a tight spot. Your Honda is also equipped with the Honda Sensing Suite that provides everything you need to easily navigate through an unknown city with ease, including Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, and Collision Mitigation Braking System.

Hit the Trails at Gatineau Park

Hitch your bikes to the roof or trunk of your Honda and get ready for a day of adventure at Gatineau Park. This area has miles of glorious trails to bike or hike. And once you’re all done getting in your fix of the great outdoors, you can head into the quaint town of Chelsea for some lunch or a little shopping.

Your Honda is fully equipped for any family outing you can think of. Want to see all the latest features? Visit us at Ottawa Honda to test-drive our newest vehicles today.