Choose Your Perfect Civic

Are you in the market for a brand-new or gently used Honda Civic in Ottawa? We have the widest selection in the city for you to browse through. Our fleet of affordable and stylish Civics make it easy to find what you need to suit your style and budget.

Popular Award-Winning Design

The multi-award-winning Honda Civic has been one of Canada’s best-selling cars for decades. First introduced in 1972, the Civic has gone through several design changes over the years but remains as one of the most popular Honda models on the market! Known for its sporty good looks, high performance, enhanced safety features, and impressive fuel-efficiency, the Civic remains a market-leading vehicle that is both reliable and extremely fun to drive. Whether you are in the market for a safe, comfortable family sedan or a fast, fun car to drive, the Civic is the answer. If you’re looking for a safe, attractive, and dependable vehicle that you can feel confident in, the Civic is a great choice!

Choose The Perfect Car for You 

Whether you prefer two doors or four, the Honda Civic is available in coupe, sedan, hatchback, hybrid, and also a natural gas model. Honda is one of the few car manufacturers that still focus on providing solid manual transmission models — you can enjoy the Civic in a coupe LX manual transmission, sport and Si manuals too for the extra fun drive. If you are in the market for a comfortable automatic coupe, the LX CVT, Sport CVT and Touring CVT are the ideal automatic transmission options with varying levels of trim and features. If you need to fit car seats or pets, a sedan is what you are looking for. The 4door Civic comes in DX and LX manual transmissions as well as LX CVT, EX CVT, Sport CVT and Touring CVT in automatic, so you can choose the perfect car for you and your family. Do you travel or go camping often? The 5door hatchback has a roomy trunk that can fit all of your essentials and also comes in a variety of manual and automatic transmissions including base model LX and the next level of Sport and Luxury Touring. The hatchback also comes in a Type R manual transmission – a dream for people who know their cars and enjoy a fast drive with easy maneuvering.

Sleek, Stylish and Versatile

All of the models feature premium exterior styling with sleek lines and a variety of attractive trim options that allow you to choose between a more luxurious design of a Touring or a sporty look and feel of an Si or a Type R Civic. The models from recent years have been redesigned to have a new futuristic look with clean lines and sophisticated accents. We also carry the newest models that feature the most innovative engines, safety, and digital technology available today! So whether you’re looking for a brand-new multitalented sport version with leather interiors, dark trim, and a powerful engine or if you’re in the market for a lightly-used and affordable Hybrid model with all the bells and whistles – we offer it all.

Talk to Those Who Know

At Ottawa Honda, we know that you have high expectations. That’s why we take the time to listen and treat your needs with the utmost attention. Our highly experienced sales staff are eager to share their extensive knowledge to help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. Whether you have a question for our sales and financing team or our service department, you’ll always get expert advice and friendly assistance to help you make the right decision.

We welcome you to browse our online inventory of Honda Civics before coming down to our showroom to view it in person.  If you don’t see the exact make or model you’re looking for, please reach out, and our customer service team will do everything we can to find a match for you. Don’t forget that we also offer a variety of convenient financing and leasing options as well. Our Financial Service team is standing by to help you purchase fast and worry-free!