Navigating Potholes in Ottawa

Navigating Potholes in Ottawa

If you live in Ottawa, you know how challenging it can be to drive around the city without landing in a few craters. Our extreme winter weather wreaks havoc on our roads, causing lots of potholes to form which is why so many vehicles end up being damaged. Although it’s not always easy to avoid them, we’ve listed a few strategies below for navigating potholes in Ottawa to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Keep an Eye Out for Them

Minor potholes can be relatively harmless. But the bigger ones can do a good deal of damage to the tires if you’re not careful. The best way to avoid these is to keep your eyes peeled so you can safely avoid them. If you notice one up ahead, try to change lanes. Also, certain roadways can be more susceptible to potholes than others. Make a mental note of any particularly bad spots in the city so you can safely navigate through without landing in one. 

Reduce Your Speed

If you can’t change lanes or avoid the pothole, slow down as you approach it. By progressively driving slower, you will minimize the impact and hopefully reduce the likelihood of any damage. Don’t try to slam on the brakes if you notice it last minute. This can be dangerous for drivers behind you and it can also make you lose control of your vehicle.

Stay in the Center Lane

Potholes tend to form where the most amount of water collects. This is typically around the curb lane. It can also be challenging to see the potholes if they’re filled with water. That’s why we recommend driving in the center lane whenever possible so you’re not caught off guard with a hidden crater. 

Maintain Your Vehicle and Tires

Keeping your vehicle well maintained and in good condition is essential for helping it survive harsh weather and rough road conditions. Make sure to have your vehicle serviced each spring and get your winter tires replaced with all-seasons once the weather is mild. While the tires are being swapped, ask your mechanic to inspect the rims, suspension and tire pressure as well. These should be checked regularly.

Report Potholes to the City

If there are major potholes that haven’t been repaired, you can report them to the city so they can be filled in. 

If your Honda vehicle has been damaged by a pothole, our mechanics at Ottawa Honda can perform any necessary repairs or replacements. Book your service with us today!