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How to Check Your Tire Pressure

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Ottawa Honda has one of the largest inventories of Honda parts and accessories in Ottawa. Whichever component or service you need, we have it! You only need a few minutes to book an online appointment with our tire centre at Ottawa Honda.

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Why Buy a Genuine Honda Part?

When you buy an OEM part, they are made to Hondas specifications. Therefore, when you replace a part you know it will fit the application properly.

Genuine Honda parts are built to a high standard of quality, consistently, with the aim of working in conjunction with other Honda parts. That’s how they stay reliable. A small gap makes a big difference, which is why it’s best to get all your parts from Honda for top performance. If a part is installed in our service centre, you’ll receive a one-year or 20,000-kilometre warranty on parts and labour.


2019 Honda Ridgeline

Your brake pads are covered with a lining called friction material, and that lining creates resistance to the rotation of the disc, bringing your car to a stop. Eventually, the friction material will wear away with use, but it’s necessary for your brakes to remain operable.  How often you use your car and what you use it for will often determine how often you need the brakes replaced.

Have your Honda mechanic check your brakes whenever you bring your car in for a regular maintenance check. Mechanics who work with genuine Honda parts are familiar with authentic components. When you buy OEM replacements, you’ll receive a Lifetime Honda Brake Pad Guarantee.


Your battery operates all the electrical components of your car and makes it possible to start the engine. Over time, however, it depreciates and loses its ability to hold a charge. To avoid being surprised by an underperforming battery, have it tested regularly and replace it whenever necessary. This can be done during maintenance checks.

Dealerships offer a 60-month warranty on the battery of your Honda. During the first 24 months, the replacement of the battery and the labour is 100-percent covered. Afterwards, the warranty is prorated until the end of the warranty period based on the natural depreciation of a battery. An added bonus? You’ll receive 10 percent off if the battery is installed in our service centre.

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Oils and Fluids

Don’t open your hood to strangers. Opt for Honda oils and fuels. They are designed to meet the specifications of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. These include the following:

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A mechanic at Ottawa Honda replacing engine coolant

Engine Oil

Engine oil circulates around the combustion chamber, lubricates the exhaust valves, and greases the thin space between the bearing and the crankshaft so that these parts are protected and their lives are prolonged. The longer you use the same oil, the dirtier it gets. Even if it’s not running low, it won’t be protecting your engine the way it should be. Consult your Honda Owner’s Manual or Maintenance Minder system to find out when you should bring your vehicle in for a regularly scheduled oil change.

Engine Antifreeze/Coolant

Your engine works hard, which is why it needs a good cooling system to keep it from overheating. Coolant regulates heat so that you don’t have an engine failure. Engine coolant also comes with antifreeze to keep your engine running smoothly in the extreme cold Ottawa winters. These also help prevent the engine’s metal components from corroding. When you take your car in for a regular maintenance check, your Honda mechanic will ensure there are no leaks and that the anti-corrosion properties of the coolant haven’t deteriorated.

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Automatic Transmission Fluid

Your transmission is your vehicle’s gearbox. It converts combustion power produced by the engine into actual momentum for your car using gears and gear trains. Automatic transmission fluid cools and lubricates these components, protecting them from damage. During scheduled maintenance, your Honda mechanic should inspect your transmission fluids to see if they’ve naturally deteriorated and replace them. 

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Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, otherwise known as hydraulic fluid, is what brings your car to a stop by moving the various components of your vehicle. It’s contained in dedicated brake lines and puts force on the rotors whenever you put your foot on the brake pedal, applying pressure to the wheels so you can stop.

Brake fluids operate under high pressure and temperature. They absorb moisture from the air, which eventually will make them less effective in stopping your car. Every three years, you should get the brake fluid changed at your dealership to avoid complications on the road.

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If you need a new part, look no further than your Ottawa Honda dealership. With our team of specialists and an array of high-quality OEM parts designed to meet your car’s specifications, we’ll have your vehicle performing at peak condition fast.