The Ottawa Honda Spring Maintenance Checklist

The Ottawa Honda Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring is officially here which means it’s maintenance time –and not just for your home. Your vehicle should undergo a thorough cleaning and maintenance check once the seasons change, especially after the harsh winter months. To prepare your vehicle, here is our Ottawa Honda spring maintenance checklist to keep you safe on the road.

Put All-Season Tires On

To avoid wearing out your winter tires, replace them with all-seasons once the warmer weather arrives. We recommend doing this as soon as the risk of snow and ice has completely passed, which is usually when the temperature reaches 10 degrees consistently. Unlike winter tires, all-seasons perform better on warmer road surfaces and give you better control. Don’t have room to store your tires? No problem! We’re happy to store your winter tires for you at a low cost!

Wash Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Keeping your vehicle clean is a crucial step for maintaining it. And after driving during the messy winter season, your vehicle will typically have lots of lingering grime and road salt stains along the exterior and interior. Take some time to give your vehicle a good and thorough wash to get rid of any residue. Be sure to focus on the undercarriage of the vehicle too. Lingering salt stains can cause rust to form which can damage the vehicle over time.  

Get Your Brakes Checked

After taking on the snowy weather and challenging road conditions for several months, it’s important to make sure the brake pads and rotors are still in good condition. Schedule an inspection with a mechanic to have them looked at every spring season.

Check, Change and Top Up Fluids

While you’re getting the brakes checked, have your Honda mechanic pop the hood to look at all the fluids and top them up if needed. This should include the transmission fluid, coolant levels, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and changing the oil. Getting this done now will keep all of the internal components properly lubricated and functioning as they should.

Now that the colder months are behind us, it’s time to clean up the mess and potential damage that the winter typically leaves behind. At Ottawa Honda, our mechanics will take care of your spring maintenance checklist. We can change your tires, inspect the brakes, top up your fluids and perform all of the necessary tasks to ensure your car is ready for the warmer months. Book your service today!