When is the Right Time to Get Winter Tires?

When is the Right Time to Get Winter Tires?

Our Canadian winters bring lots of snow and ice to contend with on the roads. And if you want to drive through these elements with ease, winter tires are essential. This type of tire provides better traction and handling than All Seasons in the harshest weather. But you won’t get much performance if you don’t swap them out at the right time. Doing it too far in advance can cause the softer tread to break down quickly in warmer weather, and waiting too long will put you at risk. So, when is the right time to get winter tires? Find out here.

How Early Is Too Early?

If you’re looking to beat out everyone else who’s trying to get their tires changed, you need to be strategic. Swapping out the tires too early can damage the winter tire tread, so rushing in at the end of August is not recommended. But you also have to time it right to avoid the long wait times that could put your safety at risk once the snow starts to fall. The right time is less about choosing a specific date and more about the specific temperature outdoors. So, keep an eye on the weather.

What Is the Ideal Temperature to Swap Your Tires?

All season tires start to harden when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, so you’ll want to switch these with winter tires before that happens. It’s also imperative to have them changed out before the first snowfall as All Seasons are not optimized for snow conditions. Since most people wait until the snow starts to fall before heading to their dealership, it’s wise to keep track of the weather and book your service as soon as the temperatures show a consistent 10-degree level or as soon as you can see your breath. The longer you wait, the busier it will get and the more likely you’ll experience delays in getting the tires installed.

When Should I Take Them Off?

There’s also an ideal time to take off your tires. As soon as the temperature stays steady above 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to swap them for your All Season tires. If you live in an area with fickle spring temperatures, it’s best to wait until April when the climate starts to even out. It’s also important to check with your insurance company. Many offer discounts for having four winter tires on your vehicle, but there may be a period of time for how long the tires must remain on the vehicle for it to apply.

If you’re planning on purchasing or swapping out your winter tires this year, come see us at Ottawa Honda. Our full-service department will properly install the winter tires for you, and we can also give your vehicle a full inspection to ensure it’s ready for winter. To learn more about our services, contact us today!